Dear Mark J. Mulcahy
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left spacer Mark Mulcahy - Discography of albums includes Fathering, Smile Sunset, In Pursuit of Your Happiness Miracle Legion Polaris - Music from The Adventures of Pete and Pete Opera - Ben Katchor and Mark Mulcahy's operas include: A Checkroom Romance; THE SLUG BEARERS OF KAYROL ISLAND; The Rosenbach Company;
Miracle Legion on Tour

Miracle Legion reunite, announce reissue and tour dates!!!

Happy Birthday to music. Thank you all for your support. We think we love you.
To celebrate we are releasing Portrait of a Damaged Family by Miracle Legion for the
first time on vinyl. Portrait was our label's first release in 1996.

In conjunction with the 20th anniversary release of Portrait,
Miracle Legion will play their first shows in…..yep, 20 years.

Portrait of a Damaged Family Vinyl LP

Miracle Legion will be doing a limited summer tour of the east coast and the UK.

Dear Mark J. Mulcahy
Ciao My Shining Star - The Songs of Mark Mulcahy
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